• Acute Pancreatitis

    OVERVIEW Responsible for the production of hormones and the important role it plays in digestion, your pancreas plays an integral role in your body's digestive system. Damage to your pancreas can lead to inflammation and swelling, a medical condition that's known as pancreatitis. Pancreatitis can be

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  • Abnormal Liver Function Tests

    OVERVIEW Commonly referred to as a liver panel or liver enzymes, these are a series of tests that check the functioning of your liver and its performance. While it's not uncommon for a liver panel to be part of your routine health checkup, liver function tests can be used if your gastroenterologist or

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  • Abdominal Pain

    OVERVIEW Abdominal pain is pain or discomfort that's felt in the stomach area, between your chest and genitals, known as your abdomen or belly region. Abdominal pain can occur for many different reasons, including a stomach virus, indigestion, constipation, or for some people, during menstruation. A

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